“Here Next to the Water”

Nicaragua is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and impressive countries in the Mesoamerican region to explore, and because of that, we invite you to take this route in the world.

We wish for you to decide to spend your holiday in this land of lakes and volcanoes with us.

Loro Trips guarantees you to do the best in Nicaragua through our offers that have been planned in the most delicate, authentic and professional manner.

Languages are not a barrier since we count with the best local guides in each region, experienced guides in the country, in several languages and themes, given that we believe sustainable tourism.

Loro Trips exists in our city of Leon.

For us, it is a pleasure that you discover our country.

Welcome to Nic-Alt-Nahuat, NICARAGUA, here next to the water.

Loro Trips.

Our Tourist Offers

Day Trips

Every day we offer from our office in Leon tours designed on the basis of natural and cultural resources.

Through us you will have the opportunity to know internally the most beautiful themes and places that Nicaragua offers.

If you are interested in a particular subject about the country, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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In your trip you can also add a series of complementary activities that will make your stay very interactive.

You are a cook or you just want to know a dish our cooking courses are for you.

Nicaragua is famous for its different dances from Latin American and more our dance courses are for you.

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Learn Spanish

And what more, than learning Spanish in the land of the prince of the Castilian letters “Rubén Darío” in beautiful Nicaragua.

We organize your trip thinking of a total immersion of our Spanish language in combination with our Nicaraguan cultural characteristics.

Ideal for individuals or groups, our offers can be planned based on your time, willingness and interest to learn.

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Our tours are designed based on a combination of the natural and cultural attractions of a region of the country, giving you the best opportunity to know in three days or four days the riches of these destinations in the country.

If you wish you can make an easy combination of the different offers that we have at your disposal or if you have another idea tell us and we will help you in your travel planning.

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Our offers of more than a week of travel in Nicaragua have been designed so that you can know the best destinations in Nicaragua revealed in the most authentic Nicaraguan way.

Knowing and learning from the best cultural and natural resources that Nicaragua has to offer.

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We have the best transportation contacts for transfers throughout the country for individuals or groups.

No matter where you are in Nicaragua.

If you need our services, we can arrange it by sending an email to: info@lorotripsnicaragua.com

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Contact us by our email or directly in our office.

For more information Visit us

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